Wendell Boyle's Polka

Winter's is finally passing and we're moving into the spring. Time to get re-inspired as the weather warms up and the snow melts. I have included a new tune if you want to learn it. It's a polka I wrote in memory ofWendell Boyle. For the written music click on music scores and select Wendell Boyle''s polka.

It's a simple tune which is characteristic of most Irish polka's since they are usually played quite fast. There are a few variations you can try with the rhythms that are a lot of fun but keep the rhythm strong for the dance. The tune is in the key of G so warm up playing a G scale over two octaves starting on your low G. Play with a light bow so you can capture the lively bounce of the polka. The dotted notes have a little extra emphasis to help keep the dancer moving along.

Wendell was the Orwell historic village manager and he also hosted the ceilidh's, as well as being a fine singer/songwriter. Wendell passed away several years ago. Part of the evening ceilidh's at Orwell would be the set dances. Wendell would grab an unsuspecting women from the audience to dance with and he would then fling her around the dance floor at supersonic speeds till she nearly fainted. He then
would invite her to sample the ceilidh desert, ice cream and strawberries. Wendell was a passionate promoter and supporter of island music and island musicians. He is still sorely missed.

Another polka in music scores which goes well with Wendell Boyle's Polka is the House of Prayer Polka.

Here's some useful web sites on fiddling. The first three have a variety of fiddling forums . The finale music has a relatively inexpensive music composing program called Notepad which you might want to check out, free trail for 30 days. The Berklee school of music has tons of great stuff on all sorts of music topics.


Keep the bow rosined and the fiddle in tune.

copyright@Roy Johnstone

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