Live Irish Hall Concert with Cian O'Morain

3:59 minutes (3.67 MB)

Here's some polkas that Cian and I played at the recent Irish Hall concert.

Carolan concert

5:22 minutes (4.91 MB)

Here's a sample tune Master Connor from our recent concert at the Irish cultural center in Charlottetown.

Carolan's Concerto

3:15 minutes (2.97 MB)

This piece by Irish harpist and composer Turloch Carolan was recorded at our concert at the Irish cultural center in Charlottetown in the spring. We are reprising this concert friday September 20 th at 8 pm.

Hemlock and Highways

Eastern Hemlock
7:32 minutes (6.91 MB)

There was an overwhelming majority of Islanders opposed to plan B, something like 94 %.

A new CD , stop Plan B is now available as a fundraiser and my track is included..

Carolan talk ( part 1 ) Introduction

Irish Composer Turloch Carolan
2:18 minutes (2.64 MB)

Here's the beginning of the 9 part talk on Turloch Carolan, Irish harper and composer, presented to the Irish cultural centre in Charlottetown, December 5 th, 2011
The recording was done by Bill Woods.

Carolan talk ( part 2 ) tune Loftus Jones

1:14 minutes (1.41 MB)

Carolan talk ( part 3 ) 17 th century history and Carolan

15:37 minutes (17.88 MB)

Carolan talk ( part 4 ) First Composition Shebeg Shemore

0:51 minutes (1004.63 KB)

Carolan talk ( part 5) Gift for Composition

1:35 minutes (1.82 MB)

Carolan talk ( part 6) tune Bridgett Cruise

1:16 minutes (1.44 MB)
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