the Brain and the Fiddle part 2

The field of neuroscience had been making many amazing discoveries about how our brain functions and these new insights have important ramifications for our understanding of what it is to be human. Researchers are mapping out the neural networks that carry all our sensory input and motor functions and although we are probably just seeing the "tip of the iceberg " of brain function there is already some very startling and revealing information coming to light.

Why we listen to music ? Why we cry or are enraptured when we hear music ? Why can we treat a variety of neurological dis-functions with music . Why moving to music is so intrinsic to our human nature.
Here's a few sources to check out;

Musicophilia Oliver Sacks
Your Brain on Music Danial Levitin
The Changing Brain Norman Doidge
Can Neuroscience Improve our Music Education Donald A. Dodges

I am taking some of the new incites from neuroscienc and applying them to my own learning and playing the fiddle. Many of the incites just reinforce existing teaching methods practiced by knowledgeable music educators but there are some that I want to explore particulairily as I am an older person trying to learn new things. It seems you can teach a old dog new tricks .

Here's just a few things I'm exploring and I hope to document these and share them in the future.
the role of feel good neurotransmiiters in creating a positive attitude towards new challenges
natural ability and natural inclination as a tool to guide our learning.

some early questions to explore related to playing the fiddle . I'll update this topic as I continue to delve into this fascinating and revealing relationship between mind and body.

how to relax between actions of note playing ?
how to increase the steady state of relaxation before each action ?
the body ergonomics of relaxation ?
the mind state of relaxation ?
the mental concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm example : how to improve memory retention of a tune
body memory ? aural memory ? Visual cues for remembering ?

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