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Dear Roy:

This note is just to acknowledge the arrival of your CD stark ravin' for use on
our programme. It's one of the best albums of fiddle music I have
heard, and you can be sure we'll use it. We will report airplay on our weekly playlist via FOLKDJ-L, as usual.

Mitch and Robyn Park
(Folk on Sunday and Kidnappers Ceilidh, Radio Kidnappers 1431AM & 104.7FM)
1214 Louie Street
Hastings, NEW ZEALAND 4122. +64-6-8785395
Kidnappers Ceilidh STREAMING live Sundays at 0000 NZ time
Folk on Sunday STREAMING live Sundays at 1500 NZ time via

"I am currently on your web site listening to the Loon mtn. music. What good memories they bring. Jack and I really enjoyed listening to you and steve. The energy you share with your audience is undescribable. We love it. Please send two CD's." Lynne, Woodbury CT.

We so enjoyed your concert, as we always do, in Nottingham. We really look forward to it every year. We were listening to one of your CDs during supper last night and thinking of you and Steve.
Will you ever play at the NH Highland Games again? Hope so! That's where my in-laws first heard you and now they come to the Nottingham concert from Franklin every year. Beth and John

"Instant feedback said "Mesmerizing", "Unbelievable", "Friendly", "Awesome" and so on. The Blues and Gypsy pieces went down particularly well. As for myself,  I haven't had so much fun since I was a fly on the wall at a Johnny Cunningham gig." Liam , Northboro, MA

"..the house concert showcased your virtuosity and your versatility….a beautiful evening indeed. We were blessed by your music thank you". Janet Ashby, MA

"thank you so very much!   We are so looking forward to receiving the cd.   My husband will be going in for an operation soon and is quite nervous.........When we play your beautiful music it will bring much relaxation and peace as well as joy and dancin' feet. Blessings on you and your families......" Dianne and Skip

"I have admired and enjoyed the singular talents of Roy Johnstone for a number of years. Roy has that often rare combination, a superb musician and a brilliant entertainer, with a tremendous capacity for reaching out and touching his audience with his artistry.He has engendered respect amongst other musicians for his artistry and his willingness to help others." Jack MacAndrew,

"Devil's Jig is my number one CD." Catherine Hutchinson

Hello, saw you at the highland games and was awed. what wonderful music.   I am interested in purchasing your cd, rolling waves. can you tell me how?   thank you...........Dianne

Here's a few quotes from other audience members at the concerts:

" was a FABULOUS night of music - you guys are great. " Suzanne, Vermont

"your music is like a good drug " Deborah, Mass.

"your music grabs your ears and makes you want to dance" Bruce, Loon, NH

"You were so wonderful to work with, I hope we get to do another project together in the near future. "

Stephanie Cadman, Director of Highland Storm Show at College of Piping


I really enjoy trying to play the Irish tunes on the accordion. You are a wonderful host at the sessions. I appreciate the talent, time and effort you so generously share with the group. Great craic indeed!!!!! Linda

... McKinley was playing your CD non-stop the next day. What you did with those guys was priceless. They were taken to such a deeper level than anyone had taken them before. Thank you. Alison. VT

If you’ve never had the opportunity to see Roy Johnstone in concert or attend his past workshops, you should seriously consider attending this. I’ve done both – workshops and concerts. He’s phenomenal!!! His workshops are relaxed, informative and fun. All levels of musicians will benefit. Sharon


Both Gretha and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the music for Crumbfest. The music has a wonderful, evocative, emotional impact which I am sure will touch millions of people around the world. Once again, thanks for a job well done. Warm personal regards, Kevin Gillis, Exec. VP Catalyst Entertainment


I still get shivers when I think of you and Jamal opening the story festival gala. Your presence and your talent added so much to the whole evening. Thank you, Sheryl MacKay, CBC

I just want to thank you for the great show you put on at our RV rally at vacationland. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely......Marcia Anderson, Explorer RV Club

Thank you for being part of the Avonlea festival shows. Your ability to play the fiddle is amazing and very entertaining. Marlene MacDonald, Avonlea Village

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for you wonderful fiddle playing at our Canada Workplace Charitable campaign. The audience response was an obvious indication of their enjoyment...Larry Murray Veteran Affairs

....I wish to extend sincere congratulations to you on your two ECMA awards. Catherine Callbeck, Premier of PEI

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