Fiddle Lessons

This is part of a continuing series of articles I write for the PEI fiddlers newsletter. It covers a wide variety of topics related to playing the fiddle.

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Introduction to fiddling.pdf20.95 KB
Why and how to best play the fiddle .pdf23.26 KB
Playing in Tune.pdf23.22 KB
Pentatonic : A simple scale .pdf22.22 KB
Developing your own style of fiddling.pdf23.24 KB
Taking care of your fiddle.pdf20.63 KB
Learning a favourite Irish air: Shebeg Shemore .pdf73.25 KB
Improving your dance tune fiddling .pdf8.05 KB
Brain research and fiddling.pdf32.78 KB
Learning Millie's Waltz.pdf33.83 KB
Learning Wendell Boyle's polka.pdf15.43 KB
Re-visiting your fiddle playing.pdf23.1 KB
Fiddling Around.pdf13.21 KB
Sunday session tune list.html8.01 KB

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