Search Engine Rant : "Fiddling Around"

Why playing the fiddle is a lot more than just fiddling around.

I did a web search the other day and typed in fiddling and I couldn't believe the number of web sites listed that had the word fiddling in them but the reference wasn't about playing the fiddle it was about "fiddling around" . What seemed to be a kind of unstructured doodling with no purpose or end in sight .

I thought that it was quite a misrepresentation of what it is to try and play the fiddle and that even though I can take joke about scratching horse hair across cat gut and it sounding like someone's killing chickens the reality is that learning to play the fiddle is quite a challenge and even "fiddling around" on the fiddle is not easy .

Yehudi Menuhin, the virtuosic violinist stated that playing the fiddle is as difficult as playing the violin and that a great fiddler has mastered many elements of playing just like a classical player. They are different techniques but the mastery of traditional fiddle playing takes thousands of hours of practice.

Suffice it to say I will harangue and argue that fiddling deserves more respect and that the search engines should differentiate between "fiddling" as an art and just "fiddling around " .

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