Johnstone to perform at celtfestcuba


Fiddler Roy Johnstone invited to perform at celtfestcuba

Artistic director Kilian Kennedy says he is pleased to have PEI fiddler, Roy Johnstone performing at the celtfestcuba. "Roy's style of playing will be a great addition to the festival and will be very well received by audiences."

This is the second year for the festival, held in old Havana and festival organizer Marcel Nazabal is very excited about this year's line up. It includes performers from Ireland, Galacia, New Zealand, Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island and other parts of Canada.

Johnstone says "I'm very excited about going back to Cuba. I have been there before but this is the first time in an organized musical context. The cuban people are incredibly generous, hospitable and have a very strong and vibrant musical culture." Johnstone adds "Cuban music draws from Spanish, African and Latin influences but there is also a Galacian connection. Cuban and Galacian sailors travelled back and forth and shared music with each other. There is now a Galacian piping tradition in cuba today. The other celtic connection is through Irish immigration to Cuba. There is even a major street named after an Irish man, O'Reilly."

The festival runs from april 14 to the 24 in Havana, Cuba.

For more information contact Roy Johnstone 675-2541

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