Learning Millie's Waltz

I've included a new waltz tune to try out. I wrote this for my aunt Millie and I play it a little on the slow side and with some dignity although she was a very energetic and vibrant lady. She operated a little cafe in Vancouver called the Strawberry Lane and my brother and I loved the french fries and strawberry milkshakes which she was famous for. I recorded it on mandolin on my recording Longshore Drift. To see the written music click on Music scores and open Millie's Waltz.

Here's few things to remember when you're learning a new tune. Check what key it's in, in this case A major, three sharps. Notice the the time signature is 3/4 so it's likely a waltz or perhaps slow air. Tempo is not indicated but I play it around 72 beats per minute. Part of the challenge in this tune is to keep the string crossings smooth and even so you don't lose the 3/4 rhythm. Slide your first finger into third position on the high A in bar 33. There's quite a bit of slurred bowing so just try it out and develop your own feel for the tune. Have fun.

Keep your bow rosined and the fiddle in tune.

copyright@ Roy Johnstone

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