BUZZ review by Ivy Wigmore


BUZZ review excerpt Ivy Wigmore

"This was the first time I've seen Roy Johnstone act but I hope it's not the last. He was mercurial, infusing each of several characters with an authentic and droll flavour, often simultaneously playing the fiddle. In a memorable sequence, Johnstone played a pair of duelling musicians-one a classical violinist and the other a fiddler….as he dodged and veered to change the cap on his head as a visual aid to which character was speaking. "

Tribute to Pennou Skoulm at Celtfestcuba, Plaza Veija


This is a tune I wrote as a tribute to the Breton group Pennou Skoulm. Joining me are Damian on guitar, Arriana on cello, Manuel on whistle and Xavier on the cahon. Recorded by Lisa at celtfest cuba in Old Havana,

Celtfest Cuba concert in Plaza Veija


Roy performs with Cuban musicians: cahone player Javier, cellist Arianna, guitarist Damian and whistle player Yoe. They are joined by Cuban dancer Rose .

This tune is one that I composed for the celtcuba festival and I call it the La danza de la muerte.

New CD "live at Loon " is now available

"Mesmerizing", "Unbelievable", "Friendly", "Awesome" and so on. The Blues and Gypsy pieces went down particularly well......  I haven't had so much fun since I was a fly on the wall at a Johnny Cunningham gig."

Tunes for Fiddlers


..from a fiddler about Roy's new "Tunes for fiddlers"

I really enjoy Roy’s rendition of Dogheda Lasses and Ballintore Fancy. The recording is perfect for learning. ...we have had some fun playing those tunes at local sessions..... So Roy, I hope that you can make more of your recordings available for us to learn.

tune sample

New Feature: Music tracks for Download


For less than the price of a cup of coffee ( $.99) you can download one of my tunes . CD downloads are half the price ( $9.99) of a hard copy CD. All you need is a credit card or pay pal account. Check out the recording section for a listing of all the tunes. I will be posting many more tunes as soon as they are recorded. You can be the first to hear them.

the Master's Wife fall tour


Fall tour of the Master's Wife starts September 25 th, here's an excerpt from Ivy Wigmore's BUZZ review of the Master' Wife. "This was the first time I’ve seen Roy Johnstone act but I hope it’s not the last. He was mercurial, infusing each of several characters with an authentic and droll flavour, often simultaneously playing the fiddle.

Celtfestcuba Festival A Success


The 2011 celtferstcuba festival has just ended and for me it was a fantastic experience. This is the second year for the festival and there were a few logistical and publicity challenges , especially organizing a festival with this many participants and venues around old havana but for me it was a great experience. Please put this festival on your calendar for April 2012.

Johnstone to perform at celtfestcuba


Fiddler Roy Johnstone invited to perform at celtfestcuba

Artistic director Kilian Kennedy says he is pleased to have PEI fiddler, Roy Johnstone performing at the celtfestcuba. "Roy's style of playing will be a great addition to the festival and will be very well received by audiences."

Neuroscience and What it is to Be Human or "The Brain and the Fiddle"

The field of neuroscience had been making many amazing discoveries about how our brain functions and these new insights have important ramifications for our understanding of what it is to be human.

Small Halls Festival Video


Here's a sampling of video footage from the small halls festival held at small halls all over PEI .

A short excerpt of Roy playing with Duane Cote and Duane Andrews is included .

Tour Starts With A Bang


Derry Opera House was nearly full to the rafters for the opening night concert of Johnstone and Sharratt's fifth New England Tour. The event was sponsored by the East Derry Village Committee.

Special guests included dancers Lauren and Hilary , Madeline and piper Kirk as well as Catherine Dion , the oldest living person in New Hampshire who was born on PEI 109 years ago.

Thanks to Brenda Caldwell and all her helpers for all their organizing efforts.

What is Island Culture ?


Opinion letter in the Guardian from Edwin Jamieson about Frank Ledwell's view of PEI culture.

Johnstone Sharratt tour in Boston Globe


Our tireless promoter Katie O'Neill has been helping us get the word out for our New England tour.

Here's a few of the links.

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