Tunes for Fiddlers


..from a fiddler about Roy's new "Tunes for fiddlers"

I really enjoy Roy’s rendition of Dogheda Lasses and Ballintore Fancy. The recording is perfect for learning. ...we have had some fun playing those tunes at local sessions..... So Roy, I hope that you can make more of your recordings available for us to learn.

tune sample

The tunes for fiddlers is being changed . I will no longer be sending out emails but you can check out my Tunes for Fiddlers section for a listing of fiddle tunes and then you can purchase whichever tunes you wish using your credit card or pay pal account. The tunes are played slowly for easy learning and most of the tunes have written versions on the web site. The tunes are suitable for beginner to intermediate players and are selected from some newer tunes I'm learning or from some of my favourite session tunes.

have fun fiddlin' and keep the fiddle in tune and your bow rosined


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