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Roy Johnstone and Steve Sharratt will release their long-awaited recording Longshore Drift at a launch party in early October. This new CD, dedicated to the memory of Island fiddlers James
Banks, Yvon Bourque and David Baglole, reflects the respect that both Johnstone and Sharratt have for carrying on traditions of the past. “It’s a contemporary exploration of some traditional
tunes and an expression of the collaboration that Steve and I enjoy” said Johnstone. “It’s also a tribute to Island fiddlers who have been such an important part of the cultural fabric of our

The favorite tune of Poplar Point dance fiddler James Banks, as well as the îles des Madelines tune called La Valse des Femmes passed to Roy by Yvon Bourque are both featured
on the album. David Baglole, a fiddle student of Roy’s, had a keen ear for a good tune and Parting Glass is a tribute to him.

Longshore Drift is a musical offering featuring traditional Scottish, Irish, and Acadian tunes as well as original compositions. From the blissful Millie’s Waltz to the jumpin’ Nancy Malcolm’s Midnight Ride through Glencoe, Longshore Drift ebbs and flows like the Island tide. Johnstone
presents his piece Skye Suite commissioned by the Gaelic Highland Society to commemorate the 1803 migration to P.E.I. Some of the newer compositions feature rhythmic and melodic
structures of blues, gypsy and arabic music recombined with elements of traditional music.

Johnstone and Sharratt share a multitude of instruments such as fiddle, guitars, banjo, dulcimer, mandolin, viola, mandocello, harmonica and percussion. “We had some magical moments
during the recording process and hope that we’ve captured an interesting mix of tunes reflecting the kind of music we play at our live shows. It was a relaxed effort because we worked in Roy’s home studio and played around to see what popped out” said singer/songwriter Sharratt who released a solo recording in 2004. “This was a labour of love, some tunes have been in gestation for several years” said Johnstone. “Recording together has been long overdue and it was great fun.”

Johnstone and Sharratt just returned from a headline
performance at the New Hampshire Highland Games and will depart for a New England tour in mid October. A CD launch party will be held at the Trailside Cafe in Mount Stewart, Sunday October 12 from 1 to 4 p.m. The duo are in concert at LeFurgey Cultural Centre in Summerside on Friday, Oct. 10 at 8 pm and at the Carriage House, Beaconsfield, Charlottetown on Saturday October 11 at 8 pm. Sample tracks from the CD can be listened to at www.royjohnstone.com and CD's are available at most music stores around the Island.

For more information, contact Roy Johnstone 902-675-2541 or email: hello@royjohnstone.com
or sarahroy@pei.sympatico.ca

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