Wendell Boyle's House of Prayer Polka

Wendell Boyle was a fine singer and songwriter. He was the manager at the Orwell historic village and he had a passionate love for the traditions of Prince Edward Island. He had a sharp tongue and a cutting wit but he was always quick to help someone who needed it.

He also hosted the Orwell ceilidhs and part of the evening was the island set dances where Wendell would choose a partner from the audience and then swing them so fast around the dance floor that they would nearly faint. I wrote this simple polka in his memory and it should be played as fast as possible. Here it's joined with House of Prayer Polka, tune I wrote after driving by a house in Millvale that had a small sign on the front stating House of Prayer. I imagined folks being possessed by the spirit, something like a St Vitus dance, or a holy rollers revival. alternating tunes back and forth.

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