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La danza de la muerte

I wrote this tune for the 2011 celtcuban festival. It was performed in several concerts with players from Austuria and Galicia , Spain and from cuba.

The first two parts are in C minor, D minor and the third part is in F major.

Celtfestcuba Composition

here's a tune I wrote for the celtfestcuba festival. It was performed on several stages during the festival with some wonderful cuban, austurian and galician musicians joining in.

Wendell Boyle's House of Prayer Polka

Wendell Boyle was a fine singer and songwriter. He was the manager at the Orwell historic village and he had a passionate love for the traditions of Prince Edward Island. He had a sharp tongue and a cutting wit but he was always quick to help someone who needed it.

Roy's Breton tune (tribute to the Purple Helmet)

This is a tune I wrote as a tribute to the Breton group Pennou Skoulm. I met Christian Le Maitre in St John's, NL at the North atlantic fiddle conference. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to play it for him.

Millie's Waltz

I wrote this tune for my aunt Millie who ran a funky cafe in Vancouver called the Strawberry Lane. Our family would visit nearly every summer. She was a fine lady, a little cantankerous at times but a heart of gold. In her teens she would help my grandfather with taking care of the horses that he broke near Minitonas , Manitoba. She later became a school teacher before moving to the west coast.

Blue Jig

This is a 12 bar blues played in a jig rhythm ( 6/8 ). This tune can be played very slowly with a sultry bluesy feel or at a fast tempo with more of a jig feel. The idea for this tune came while jamming some blues with Steve Sharratt.

Roi Jean Pierre

This is a 3 part reel written with an Acadian flavour. Foot clogging, and dropping half a bar at the end of the third part gives it a lively kitchen party feel. The title came from and Acadian friend and recorder player Corinne Cormier. She suggested Le Roi Jean Pierre but I thought that was a little too regal. Jean Pierre is my last name , John stone translated to French.

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