Tunes for Fiddlers

Tunes for FiddlersThese tunes for learning the fiddle are some of my favorites. They are listed in order of difficulty. The first tunes on the list are easier than the tunes at the end of the list. (see sample tune on home page for a quick listen) Here's a comment from a fiddler about the new "Tunes for fiddlers"section. "I really enjoy Roy’s rendition of Dogheda Lasses and Ballintore Fancy. The recording is perfect for learning. ...we have had some fun playing those tunes at local sessions.....I hope that you can make more of your recordings available for us to learn." I plan to try and add tunes every week or so so please check back. Most of the tunes are played slowly for easier learning. I suggest you try and learn these by ear but if you need to try some written music many of these tunes are on the site. I encourage you to listen to other versions of these tunes as well, there is no "right version" of a tune. I hope you enjoy learning these tunes and have fun practicing them. When you purchase a tune you will be sent an email with a password which you will need to download the tune. If you have any trouble please contact me at
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Connaughtman's Rhambles.mp3
Concertina Hornpipe.mp3

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